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Join us for Talk About it Tuesday, where we will address a variety of relevant topics to help you have a happy and healthy college experience.


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Additional Resources:

  • Resource Rundown - Fall '22

    Student Counseling Services

    320 Student Union



    OSU Police



    Student Assistance by Mercy (Call SAM)



    Grand Lake Mental Health Services



    Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)


    University Health Services

    1202 W. Farm Rd

    General info - 405.744.7116

    Make dr. appointments at 405.744.7665


    UHS Dietitian


    Office of Multicultural Affairs

    240 Student Union



    Women’s and LGBTQIA+ Affairs

    240 Student Union



    LASSO Center

    021 Classroom building



    Student Support & Conduct

  • Suicide Prevention

    National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255


    OSU Police: 1-405-744-6523

    Grand Lake Mental Health Crisis Hotline: 1-800-722-3611

    University Counseling Services: 1-405-744-5458



  • LGBTQIA+ and Gender Identity

    Sexual Orientation Definitions: 

    • Gay refers to a person who is emotionally, romantically, or sexually attracted to members of the same gender.
    • Lesbian refers specifically to a woman who is emotionally, romantically, or sexually attracted to other women.
    • Bisexual/Pansexual refers to a person who is emotionally, romantically, or sexually attracted to more than one sex, gender, or gender identity, although not necessarily simultaneously or to the same degree.
    • Queer has been reclaimed by the LGBTQIA+ community. Queer is often used interchangeably with "LGBTQIA+" and sometimes used to express fluid identities and orientations.
    • Questioning is used to describe people who are in the process of exploring their sexual orientation or gender identity.
    • Asexual refers to a lack of a sexual attraction to anyone.


  • Study Natural

    Free Tobacco Helpline: 1-800-Quit-Now (1-800-784-8669)

    LASSO Center: 405.744.3309

  •  Sexual Health
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

    Cognitive Distortions
    Call SAM: 1.855.225.2726
    OSU Care Report


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