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Faculty/Staff/student members may purchase a child membership for any dependent child (biological or adopted) between the ages of 3-17 years. For ages 18-25, a dependent membership may be purchased. Dependents must live at home and be listed as a dependent on the associated member’s medical insurance policy. There is no charge for child members under age 3. Verification of a child’s age may be required upon request from Department of Wellness staff. All other children will be treated as a guest under the guest policy. Members must maintain a ratio of one (1) adult to no more than three (3) minors in all areas other than cardio and weight room. In the cardio/weight room spaces, a ratio of one (1) adult guardian to one (1) minor must be maintained.


Dependent membership

  • $120 (+tax) per Semester; $70 (+tax) for summer or $275 (+tax) annually; $35 (+tax) monthly. (Colvin Recreation Center only)

  • Dependent Guest Pass - $7 (Colvin Recreation Center only)

  • Ages 18 - 25 – No restrictions on use, must show membership card to enter the facility and may use any time the facility is open.


Child membership

  • $80 (+tax) per Semester

  • $60 (+tax) for summer ($50 for summer outdoor pool only) 

  • $200( +tax) annually; $25 (+tax) monthly. (Colvin Recreation Center only)

  • Child Guest Pass - $6 (Colvin Recreation Center only)

  • Ages 16 & 17 – Parent/guardian must sign a waiver. Must show membership card to enter the facility and may use any time the facility is open.

    Permitted to utilize all strength and cardio spaces, gymnasiums, pools, and participate in group fitness classes.

  • Ages 13-15 –A parent/guardian must supervise indirectly (in direct proximity-within 10 feet in the weight and cardio areas and within sight and sound in all other areas) at all times. Permitted to utilize all strength and cardio spaces, gymnasiums, and pools.

  • Ages 10-12– must be indirectly (in direct proximity-within sight and sound) supervised at all times. Children under 13 are permitted to use gymnasiums and pools if accompanied by a parent or guardian, however, they are not permitted in the Cardio, Weight, & Fitness Areas.

  • Under 10 – must be directly (within reaching distance) supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Family changing rooms are available and should be utilized. Children under 10 are not permitted to accompany a parent or guardian into the locker rooms.

    Children must be under the age of 6 to use the opposite gender bathroom and must be accompanied by a parent.


Additional information

  • Patrons with young children may walk with their child in a stroller on the third-floor track of the Colvin Recreation Center only. Children must remain in the stroller at all times.

  • Rock wall fees, swim lessons and personal training fees are a separate voluntary cost from the membership fee. Child/Dependent members are not eligible to participate in Intramural Sports activities.

  • Failure of the parent/guardian to abide by these established procedures will result in the removal of the parent/guardian and children from the facility and the possible suspension of any associated memberships.


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