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Looking for a healthy, engaging and most importantly, fun activity for your group, residence hall or Greek chapter? Fitness On The Go is a direct service that brings personal trainers and group fitness instructors to you! Classes can be tailored to your even or group with a countless number of options including F45, Zumba, Dance Party, Yoga, Circuit Training, and more.


  • Classes can be held in the Colvin Recreation Center, Seretean Wellness Center or we can come to you!

  • Minimal equipment will be provided for classes outside of the recreation center.

  • Yoga mats will not be provided for classes outside of the recreation center

  • Yoga and Pilates class formats should be held in a quiet environment.

  • General classes cost $100/hr. with the potential for additional fees depending on the request (i.e. specific choreography of music).

  • Acceptable forms of payment include Bursar, check and CVI transfer.

  • Checks must be made payable to the department of Wellness-OrangeFIT.

  • F45 Classes must be held in F45 Studio and cannot interfere with regular F45 class schedule.



Credit/Cash/or Check: (Stop by Colvin Business Office)

Further Questions? Call the Colvin Business Office at 405-744-5510


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