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Looking for a healthy, engaging and most importantly, fun activity for your group, residence hall or Greek chapter? Fitness On The Go is a direct service that brings personal trainers and group fitness instructors to you! Classes can be tailored to your event or group with countless options including F45, Zumba, Dance Party, Yoga, Circuit Training, and more.


  • Classes can be held in the Colvin Recreation Center, Seretean Wellness Center or we can come to you!

  • Minimal equipment will be provided for classes outside of the recreation center.

  • Yoga mats will not be provided for classes outside of the recreation center

  • Yoga and Pilates class formats should be held in a quiet environment.

  • General classes cost $100/hr. for members and $120/hr. for non-members with the potential for additional fees depending on the request (i.e. specific choreography of music).

  • Acceptable forms of payment include Bursar, check and CVI transfer.

  • Checks must be made payable to the department of Wellness-OrangeFIT.

  • F45 Classes must be held in F45 Studio and cannot interfere with regular F45 class schedule.



Credit/Cash/or Check: (Stop by Colvin Business Office)

Further Questions? Call the Colvin Business Office at 405-744-5510

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