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Guests – Ages 16 and Older

$12 per day

  • Photo ID required
  • May be purchased at
  • Guest pass is valid for both the Colvin Recreation Center and the Seretean Wellness Center.
  • Must provide proof of purchase at check-in desk if purchased online.
  • Pass valid for the day of purchase only.
  • Guest is able to attend group fitness classes with the exception of F45. An F45 guest pass must be purchased in order to attend a class.
  • Guest may not participate in intramurals.
  • Poor behavior, misuse of equipment, and vandalism are a few of the reasons a guest may be asked to leave.  NO REFUNDS will be given. Intentional destruction of property by any guest will result in suspension from Department of Wellness facilities and guest will be charged. 
  • Guests do not have the privilege of checking out equipment.


Children – Ages 4-15

$6 per day

  • Guest pass is valid for Colvin Recreation Center only.
  • Will require a wristband according to age and must be accompanied by a parent.  
  • Ages 13-15 – A parent/guardian must supervise indirectly (in direct proximity-within 10 feet in the weight and cardio areas and within sight and sound in all other areas) at all times. Permitted to utilize all strength and cardio spaces, gymnasiums, and pools.
  • Ages 10-12 – A parent/guardian must indirectly (in direct proximity-within sight and sound) supervise the child at all times. Children under 13 are permitted to use gymnasiums and pools if accompanied by a parent or guardian. However, they are NOT permitted in the Cardio, Weight, & Fitness Areas.
  • Under 10 – A parent/guardian must directly (within reaching distance) supervise the child at all times. Family changing rooms or gender neutral restrooms should be used by children 8 and under.


Outdoor Pool Day Pass


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