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OSU lost a dear friend in 2007. M.B. “Bud” Seretean was a champion of wellness and the philanthropist who created the OSU Seretean Wellness Center. Seretean was honored during the Sam Houston State game on September 29, 2007, and his family was presented with a “Forever Cowboy” award on behalf of his contributions as both a philanthropist and proponent of wellness.


Bud Seretean’s philosophy was simple:  “ACT ASSURED. IMPART THE IMAGE OF SUCCESS. THINK BIG. ACT HUMBLE.”


A 1949 graduate of OSU, Bud was a self-made man, achieving financial success by anyone’s standards. Bud learned first-hand that no amount of money can buy good health, and that without good health, all the money in the world is useless. In 1975, while visiting the Pritikin Institute for Wellness, Bud discovered that his health was not as good as he imagined. His blood pressure and cholesterol were both elevated to borderline high-risk levels.


At that point, Bud literally turned his life around and began making positive health choices concerning nutrition, physical activity, and stress management. During the course of his life, he exuded the confidence that comes with knowing that he had achieved an optimal level of health and wellness.

Bud was not content with just improving his own health. "The measure of a man's true success is not his money or his position," Seretean stated. "What is most important is what he does that improves society and helps his fellow man."


Through his generous contributions to OSU, and specifically to the Seretean Wellness Center, Bud leaves a lasting legacy to the OSU Community. It was his wish that students learn at an early age how to take care of themselves, the value of good health, and carry that message with them as they leave OSU for the “real world”.

Bud Seretean


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