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What is the Challenge Course?

The OSU Outdoor Adventure Challenge Course offers all ages a series of physical and mental challenges. This combination of games, obstacles, and problem solving activities add up to high adventure and excitement, all within a caring and supportive atmosphere.


Challenge Course Location

1625 N. Western Rd
Stillwater, Oklahoma


Challenge Course Group Rates (per person)

OSU Students

Team Building Short Session (2 hours): $25

High Elements Short Session (2 hours): $32

Team Building + High Elements Long Session (3-6 hours): $40


OSU Faculty & Staff

Team Building Short Session (2 hours): $25

High Elements Short Session (2 hours): $32

Team Building + High Elements Long Session (3-6 hours): $40


OSU Department Programs, Non-Profit & Military

Team Building Short Session (2 hours): $30

High Elements Short Session (2 hours): $37

Team Building + High Elements Long Session (3-6 hours): $45


General Public, Businesses, Corporate Groups

Team Building Short Session (2 hours): $35

High Elements Short Session (2 hours): $42

Team Building + High Elements Long Session (3-6 hours): $50


Age/Weight Requirements

  • The minimum age for participants on the challenge course is 13 years old
  • The minimum weight requirement is 75 pounds and the maximum weight limit is 225 pounds


Participant Requirement 

  • The minimum number of participants on the challenge course is 10. Groups with members of less than 10 participants are generally discouraged since that can affect the dynamics of the group and its progression throughout the day.
  • The maximum number of participants per group is 40. Groups with more than 40 participants may need to be scheduled back-to-back. 
  • It is our policy to keep an instructor to participant ratio of 1:10.


Reservation Policy

  • Groups must make reservations at least 21 days in advance of their scheduled challenge course session.  OSU Outdoor Adventure will send an email to confirm each reservation and the reservation details.
  • Reservations can be made by contacting Nate Diekelman at or by phone at (405) 744-5583.



  • Groups must declare the number of participants who will be in attendance at least 7 days prior to their program. This declaration of attendance is necessary to schedule staff and program the day's events.
  • Fees will be based on actual attendance or 90% of the declared attendance, whichever amount is larger.
    • Example: You declare 30 students will attend and only 17 arrive. You will be billed for 27 students since 90% of 30 is 27.


Cancellation Policy

The following charges apply to any group wishing to cancel a reservation:

Groups must cancel a minimum of 7 days in advance. Notice of cancellation should be made in writing by email to Nate Diekelman at Unless you cancel in writing in advance, you will be billed for the above-mentioned fees.


Weather Policy

  • The exception to the Cancellation Policy is inclement weather. In cases where inclement weather interferes with or cancels a group's reservation, the billing will be adjusted or canceled to account for the inclement weather's effects on the reservation.
  • OSU Outdoor Adventure will make the final call on whether to cancel a program due to weather. Note that the course is covered in mulch, so rain or thunderstorms prior to a program has little impact on the need to cancel.



  • Course Components
    The Challenge Course is comprised of three main areas: Games and Initiatives, Low Elements, and High Elements. Participants of all ages in reasonable shape can use the facilities safely. One does not have to be an athlete to experience the Challenge Course. The genuine challenges are in the mind.
  • Games and Initiatives
    These activities take the participants from a simple warm-up to more complex problems requiring the group to plan and execute strategies for successfully completing each task. This time is devoted to stretching, getting-to-know one another, and providing an opportunity for the group to take emotional as well as physical risks.
  • Low Elements
    Participants move through a set of events that are carried out on or just above ground level. Each one presents a unique degree of difficulty and challenge to the individual. Group members graduate through a series of activities that will facilitate developing trust in their physical and emotional environments.
  • High Elements
    These activities begin at ground level and culminate on a platform at varying heights, with participants returning to the ground by a zip line. Our challenge course has a variety of high elements, each with their own beneficial qualities. Highs provide a physical environment that will develop self-confidence by taking challenges never before tried.
  • Do I get to choose which high elements my group uses?
    Each experience on the challenge course is a unique event, which can be specifically catered to your group’s goals and expectations. The decision of which high element experience your group will participate in is up to the Challenge Course Facilitators and is based on a number of factors such as the age of your group, the weather, your timeline, etc. If you have specific concerns, please give us a call!
  • What can be accomplished?
    Any Challenge Course experience can be customized to the individual needs of the group, but some of the common outcomes are:
    • Increased mutual support within a group
    • Development of teamwork and problem solving skills
    • Encouragement of an increased level of agility and physical coordination
    • Enhancement the participants’ self-confidence
  • Who can attend?
     The OSU Challenge Course was specifically designed and built for older youth and adult age populations. Younger groups may be able to utilize selected components, but discretion must be exercised. Groups with participants who are 13 or younger require a modified Challenge Course experience. We recommend calling our office to discuss the options for younger people.
  • Do I have to if I don't want to?
    The OSU Outdoor Adventure Philosophy is "Challenge by Choice." Participation is always voluntary. No one is ever required, forced, or coerced to participate. Every person makes their own decisions and commitments based on what they are willing to risk. We believe taking one more step than previously thought possible is far more important than attaining the apparent goal of a given task.
    The impact of this approach is felt within the entire group. Teamwork and cooperation are achieved with surprising speed. Even more profound is the effect upon the individual, who often develops a clearer insight and a fuller appreciation of self.
  • Is the OSU Course safe?
    Taking risks is an essential ingredient for adventure activities, but it must be understood that sensible risk taking is contained within the boundaries of good judgment, common sense, and the established principles of safety for the OSU Challenge Course.
    Your instructors will explain the proper procedures for all the activities. Remember that safety is based on each individual's commitment to be safety-minded at all times. Please cooperate with your instructors and your experience will not only be safe but also enjoyable.
  • Who are the instructors?
    Each certified instructor has attended a training program, which includes not only the technical skills but also aspects of leadership, group dynamics, and program planning. Instructors are required to re-certify annually and be proficient in all aspects of safety before leading any group at the OSU Challenge Course. We make every effort to maintain a 1:10 instructor/participant ratio.
  • What about food?
    We recommend a light sack lunch and a cooler and lots of ice water (especially during summer months). The lunch break is less than an hour so cooking is generally not a good idea.
  • What should we wear?
    Loose fitting clothing allows for freedom of movements. Shorts can be worn during hot weather, but they increase abrasion risks. Tennis shoes or light hiking boots are the best footwear, and open toed shoes or other unsecured footwear are prohibited. Also, leave all jewelry at home.
  • Other Workshops
    Our typical day on the Challenge Course centers around the experience itself, which is highly successful; however, we've discovered that some groups require more in-depth programming. If your organization has specific goals to accomplish, then a more focused program may be necessary. Teamwork, communication skills, group dynamics, conflict management, and decision-making are just a few of the goals we can address.


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