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Oklahoma State University
Department of Wellness

America's HEALTHIEST Campus®

Seretean Wellness Center

Seretean Wellness Center Auditorium

Former President Jimmy Carter dedicated the Wellness Center on December 6, 1990. The 2.2 million dollar 25,000 square foot Center opened in January 1991 with a staff of six full-time and three graduate students. At the time, Oklahoma State was the only university in the country with a Wellness Center. In 2000, the Center completed a 6,000 square foot addition to house the Sports Physical Therapy program and expanded conference center.

The center was renamed the Seretean Wellness Center in 2006 to honor benefactor and friend, M.B. "Bud" Seretean, in recognition of his constant encouragement and sustaining financial support. Bud Seretean was a champion of wellness and embodied it in every aspect of his life and his example illustrated the far-reaching benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

In 2011, the Seretean Wellness Center and the Colvin Recreation Center joined forces to become the department of Campus Recreation and Wellness, expanding its program and service offerings to the entire OSU community.

Today, the Seretean Wellness Center is striving to make OSU America's healthiest campus with comprehensive wellness awareness and education initiatives. As part of the Department of Wellness, we are committed to providing students, faculty and staff with the best recreation programs and wellness services in the country.  Visit the Seretean Wellness Center to learn more about how we can help you achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle.