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What is a Certified Healthy Department?

As healthy employees, we are happier, more engaged, resilient, confident, and successful. We are better prepared, both physically and mentally, to achieve our personal and professional goals.  We also understand that individual health and wellness is difficult to achieve alone.  Certified Healthy Department was created in 2011 to recognize work groups at OSU Stillwater and align with Oklahoma’s “Certified Healthy” Program. It was expanded to the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Offices in 2014, and to the OSU/A&M system in 2015.


Why does Certified Healthy matter?

By becoming a Certified Healthy Department you are providing a healthy environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors, thereby supporting the culture for an overall healthier OSU. By meeting most or all of the criteria to become Certified Healthy, your department provides an environment to foster healthy lifestyle choices while at work.


For questions or more information please contact Kimberly Beard, Department of Wellness:


Applications for Certified Healthy Department 2022 will open in January 2022.






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