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Workspace Ergonomics

Improve Job Performance - Ease & Prevent Pain

Do you ever leave work with headaches, backaches, sore shoulders, painful wrists, or a stiff neck? These are frequent complaints of employees who may be suffering from ergonomic-related injuries and illnesses.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is an applied science, which emphasizes the importance of designing workspaces (i.e. office furniture or industrial work areas and equipment) so the space fits the individual worker. The objective is to “design out” as many ergonomic risk factors as possible in an effort to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Ergonomics is also referred to as Human Factors.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech Can Help!

ABLE Tech can help you choose from an assortment of specially designed ergonomic items from our device loan inventory. These items are available on a short-term 6-week FREE loan to help you make an informed decision regarding your ergonomic purchases.

Our device loan inventory features ergonomic chairs, computer accessories such as mice and keyboards, wireless headsets, arm and foot rests, and specialized software. Search our ergonomic device inventory.  Here are just three devices in our inventory:

Modular Hose Two-Arm Tablet/iPad Holder

Modular Hose Two-Arm Tablet/iPad HolderThis handy device is simple to use and serves multiple purposes. At work, the flexible, adjustable arms hold books or other materials at eye-height to read while typing. At home, if you enjoy reading in bed, you can clamp the holder onto the headboard and snuggle up without craning your neck or having to worry about dropping the tablet on your head. The flexible arms allow for adjustments in how far the tablet surface is so that you can get your fingers between you and your digital book to turn a page.

In the kitchen, let the tablet stand hold your cookbook or tablet (with digital recipes) and free up needed counter space. Plus, keep your expensive electronic device away from spills and mishaps.

Try before you buy with ABLE Tech's FREE 6-week loan!  Read more about this tablet holder here and then click the "Borrow a Device" blue button at the top of the page!

VariDesk Pro Plus

VariDesk Pro Plus

You may have seen the VariDesk in television commercials and what they say is TRUE... it's a sit-stand office product that can keep you more active and healthy. 

Turn ANY desk into a sit-stand workstation in seconds. It works with existing desks or cubicles, raises and lowers easily, NO assembly is required and, while ABLE Tech offers the Pro Plus model for the FREE 6-week loan, there are many models and sizes to choose from if you decide to purchase.

Try before you buy with ABLE Tech's FREE 6-week loan!  Read more about this VariDesk Pro Plus here and then click the "Borrow a Device" blue button at the top of the page!



WatchMinder 3The WatchMinder3 is promoted as a vibrating watch that provides helpful private time-managing reminders to children and adults with ADHD and autism. However, it can help ANYONE who benefits from notification of important tasks through vibration and custom messages. 

In schools, WatchMinders are part of a current trend to GIVPOS (i.e., give positive reinforcement). Teachers program the short GIVPOS phrase into their WatchMinder and the device vibrates/displays the message throughout the school day. Children use the watch to self-monitor their own behavior or to remind them to do CHORES or CALMME thus providing them independence and lessening nagging by others.

Try before you buy with ABLE Tech's FREE 6-week loan!  Read more about the WatchMinder3 here and then click the "Borrow a Device" blue button at the top of the page! ABLE Tech has also produced a short video to "show and tell" features of the WatchMinder3.


Ergonomic Resources

Sp​otlight on Success

Ergonomic Workstation Area

Sue, with the OSU College of Education Outreach, was experiencing back and neck pain due to issues with the setup of her workspace. She recently contacted Oklahoma ABLE Tech to help assess her ergonomic needs. Through the short-term loan program, she was able to try several ergonomic chairs to determine the best fit, and, as a result, was able to make an informed purchase decision. Along with her ergonomic chair, keyboard tray, and other accessories, she was able to create a better work environment that has increased her satisfaction and productivity.

"I definitely recommend ABLE Tech’s services,” said Sue. “I feel like it really helped me to make the selection based on how it felt in the workplace, as well as the price [chair] was reasonable."