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Financial Services Benefit Many

Financial Loan Program logoOklahoma ABLE Tech is all about accessibility for people with disabilities. The program, housed in the Wellness Center on OSU’s campus, provides demonstrations of assistive technology (AT), short-term (6-week) device loans so a person can “try out” a piece of equipment to see if it fits their need, and training for teachers working with children having many types of disability from pre-K through high school.

One aspect of ABLE Tech’s offerings that is becoming very popular is the Financial Services program. In addition to providing money-saving tips and advice to people wanting to purchase AT, the program also offers financing options for Oklahomans with disabilities to purchase assistive technology to help them live, work, and learn independently. These loan options are a partnership between Oklahoma ABLE Tech, the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) and BancFirst of Stillwater.

Together, the three partners are able to provide a variety of lending products to meet financial needs from as little as under $1,000 all the way to $20,000 or more. The details of the program can be found on the Oklahoma ABLE Tech website here and/or Shelley Gladden, Loan Coordinator, is available by phone (405-744-4254) and email ( Shelley works with people from her office in the Seretean Wellness Center but accommodations are also available to groups and can be scheduled in-person, as a remote conference, or webinar.

There are many success stories associated with the Financial Services program and they demonstrate how valuable this service is. Here are a few stories that illuminate who stands to benefit and how impactful the acquisition of assistive technology can be in improving quality of life.

Janice's Hydraulic LiftJanice A. of Oklahoma City, OK

AT Purchased: Hydraulic Lift  |  Purpose: Transportation

Janice used the financial loan program to purchase a hydraulic lift for her vehicle in order to transport her wheelchair. She had some options, but chose the low interest bank loan because it made the lift affordable with monthly payments.

Outcome: Janice had been debating about whether to make this purchase for several months. She now says, “It gave me the ability to leave my home as I can now transport my wheelchair!”



James W., Shawnee, OK

AT purchased: Hearing aids  |  Purpose: Community Living

“Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids and hearing loss affects the whole family."

Shan C., Spencer, OK

AT purchased: Modified Van  |  Purpose: Employment

"I had considered the need to purchase a new modified vehicle for several years. My last vehicle purchase was through this program. I have poor credit history due to medical bills and I had a good experience the last time I used this program."

Outcome: "My old van was 14 years old and sorely needed replacing. This purchase was just in time. The cost of the conventional loan would have prevented me from replacing the old van. Now I travel to work and back in my new 'spaceship' with no fear!" The purchase was in collaboration with Department of Rehabilitation Services, and this financial loan program.

Glenda V., Stillwater, OK

AT purchased: Hearing aids  |  Purpose: Community Living

“I have money tied up in savings for retirement, so I chose to use this program. I have felt very isolated, especially in a group. TV has been a nightmare, family members also get frustrated repeating themselves, and there are many challenges when I try to substitute teach.”

Outcome: “Since I was able to get my hearing aids, my life is just so much better now that I can hear.”

Wayne W. and His Modified VanWayne W., Depew, OK

AT purchased: Modifications to personal van  |  Purpose: Community Living

Wayne W. is a Depew resident who is quadriplegic. He has a vehicle that he has adapted with fold-up manual ramp. After consulting with Saxon Moore in Tulsa, it was determined that the van could be modified easily to accommodate his wheelchair. He applied for a low interest financial loan to cover the cost of the modifications. Due to his disability, he has limited income, but was able to qualify for the loan program to make his vehicle safe for transporting, loading, and unloading. Using the low interest financial loan, he is able to make a low monthly payment that he can afford within his budget. His vehicle was modified by adding a hydraulic lift and floor modifications to allow for wheelchair tie downs.