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Discover AT Discovery!

Image with HOME page and Hearing page screenshotsAT Discovery is Oklahoma ABLE Tech's newly expanded online resource for ALL things having to do with assistive technology.

And, what is assistive technology, you ask? It is ANY device, or piece of equipment used to maintain or improve a person's capabilities, allowing them to function independently in recreation, education, employment, and daily living activities.

As Oklahoma's statewide Assistive Technology Act Program, ABLE Tech's mission is to enhance opportunities for Oklahomans with disabilities to access, and acquire, needed assistive technology. What does ABLE Tech have to do with OSU? The program, and 20 additional grants and programs designed to assist Oklahomans, are proudly housed in the Department of Wellness, on campus.

AT Discovery is organized by disability category (hearing, vision, speech communication -- 14 categories in all). And, each category is further divided into Education, Employment and Community Living sections so all aspects of a person's lifetime are covered. The information within each section includes an overview of the disability and how assistive technology (AT) can help a person overcome challenges.

Using Hearing as an example, in the education section, the focus is on children with hearing loss from pre-k through high school. Assistive technology isn't necessarily high-technology so, in fact, quite a few low-tech solutions are described to help a child in school including "communication tips." Tips like "speak clearly, at a moderate pace, not over-emphasizing words" and "give clues when changing subjects or say 'new subject'" are just a couple of the low-tech suggestions. In the "AT Available for Hearing -- Mid- to High-Tech," there are 145 devices in ABLE Tech's loan inventory specifically designed to help people with hearing loss. 

The website also provides case studies describing a specific scenario. For instance, again, using Hearing... "Student is Pre-K, 5 years old, new to hearing aids, and having difficulties in the classroom setting, gymnasium, and art class." Then, the narrative provides possible recommendations, goals and outcomes, a document that can be downloaded to provide a framework for evaluating devices, and three targeted devices, in ABLE Tech's inventory, that can assist this child.

The best way to learn more about AT Discovery is to see it for yourself -- here's the website's URL: This site provides a sneak-peek at ABLE Tech's re-designed FULL website to be launched no later than January 2018.

Once a person sees a device on AT Discovery that could benefit themselves or a loved one, they can borrow that device from ABLE Tech for a 6-week FREE loan. Through the loan, they can determine if the device is helpful and worth purchasing, either as an individual or by the child's school. Anyone can borrow devices from ABLE Tech's AT inventory by filling out an online application. (Note! You will be linked to our current site but can return to AT Discovery by going to the HOME page where you will find a link back to AT Discovery.)

Please let us know if you have questions or comments about AT Discovery.
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