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Co-Writer Interface
Keegan writing with a standard word processing program.

This success story is a little unusual for ABLE Tech... because the specialized assistive technology (AT) turned out not to be the best solution. However, the goal is to provide the person with the most appropriate AT – and it was found for Keegan.

Third-grade student Keegan was initially referred to the special education teacher in his school for behavior issues, and he also had difficulty with writing mechanics. The nine-year old was at or above grade level for all subjects, but struggled with writing even with high oral and reading abilities.

The IEP team chose to have Keegan try CO:Writer, to see if word prediction would aid him in getting his thoughts onto paper or into text. Through the process, it was determined that Keegan didn't really need the word prediction, he just needed some of the standard features of word processing programs. When he started using the spell check feature it gave Keegan confidence, and he was able to complete his writing assignments.

Now, Keegan is writing page after page, has confidence, and his behavior issues are happening with less frequency. “He is a perfectionist, and was stressed about writing,” the teacher said. “Once he learned how to use the software cue of squiggly lines to show improper spelling, and fixed spelling, he found consistent success.” This success has even transferred over to the paper-pencil writing process.

An additional positive outcome for the student has been taking on a “teaching role” with peers. Keegan now teaches other students how to use the spell-check feature, and this has built his confidence even more.

  Co:Writer Universal gives students access to the most powerful word prediction on their favorite devices (Chromebooks, iPads, and Mac/Windows desktops), over 4 million Topic Dictionaries, built-in speech recognition in Google Chrome, and incredible privacy-safe data collection.