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Assistive Technology Devices

The inventory of devices can be searched by keyword or the specific product name here and it's easy to fill out the online form or PDF to borrow a device. And, if after borrowing, you wish to purchase a device, check out ABLE Tech's Financial Loan Program. We offer financing options with low interest and flexible repayment terms for Oklahomans to purchase assistive technology to help them live, work, and learn independently.

Below, we're promoting a few products that may appeal to a child or adult you know.

 Vibrating Hoodie PillowVibrating Flannel HoodieFor Children

Switch-adapted T-RexSwitch Adapted Toys (Adaptive Switch Technologies, Enabling Devices and AbleNet.) Switch-adapted toys allow children with special needs to experience fun times in their lives. These toys have been adapted so that their original switches are redirected to a larger switch that is easier for the child to interact with. Many children with limited fine and gross motor skills cannot play with regular battery-operated toys.

Switch-adapted BunnyFor children or young people who have profound and extremely limiting physical and intellectual disabilities, operating a switch adapted toy may be the first independent thing they can do, which builds confidence and enjoyment as well as intellectual stimulation and potential learning.

ABLE Tech has 9 switch-adapted toys in the inventory to borrow for FREE for a 6-week trial.

Musical Light BoxMusical Light Box (Enabling Devices @ $89.95)  This multi-purpose musical light box can be used as a bright backlight.

It is recommended for increasing a user's visual attention span and is great for working on pre-writing and writing skills. 

Borrow from ABLE Tech for FREE here.

BIGtrack TrackballBIGtrack Trackball (infogrip @ $85.00). The BIGtrack Trackball Switch Adapted has a 3-inch trackball. The large ball requires less fine motor control than a standard trackball and it is ruggedly built. It has a left and a right mouse click button located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted mouse clicks. The BIGtrack trackball also allows for a second mouse connection and both the BIGtrack and that second mouse can be allow simultaneous participation.

More information is available on our website - borrow from ABLE Tech for FREE here.

For Adults

Google Home deviceGoogle Home (Best Buy @ $129 and many other locations). If you don't have a smart speaker device yet, try one from our ABLE Tech's device loan inventory to see if you like it. "Try before you buy!"

Simplify your everyday life with the Google Home, a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Use voice commands to enjoy music, get answers from Google and manage everyday tasks. Google Home is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, and can control compatible smart devices such as Chromecast or Nest.

Borrow from ABLE Tech for FREE here.

Mojo Electronic MonocularMojo Electronic Monocular (NanoPac @ $1595) MoJo is a battery-operated, full-color portable electronic monocular that gives you the ability to view and magnify objects in the near distance as well as close up. With its large field of view, use it for reading price tags, menus, mail, newspapers, street signs and viewing the beauty of nature.

It's the ONLY electonic monocular available today!

Borrow from ABLE Tech for FREE here.


Kubi (available at Amazon @ $1008.) Kubi makes video calls easier and more engaging. Unlike expensive, complex video conferencing systems, Kubi turns a tablet into web controlled telepresence robot that pans and tilts, letting you look around and interact with people face to face during video calls. Kubi gives you a "Presence" so you can look around and interact like you are there. It has many uses in telemedicine, education and in business - from home care, to remote learning, to virtual receptionists.

Kubi works with Android, Apple and Microsoft tablets, and works with all Video Services. There are downloadable apps that make the control really easy.

Borrow from ABLE Tech for FREE here.