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Apps Help College Students Study

Apps Help College Students Study

The Notability App is a powerful note-taker that annotates documents and records lectures that sync with your notes. This app offers a lot and is helpful for students who benefit from playing back specific lecture points. Download PowerPoints and class handouts into the app and record the lecture as you go. The app is for iPhone and iPad ($6).
For more information, check out Notability.

Read&Write (for any platform or device) makes the web, documents and files more accessible for those who have dyslexia, those learning English, or anyone who benefits from hearing text read aloud. It’s a friendly, intuitive toolbar that assists students at all levels with everyday tasks like reading text out aloud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written work. ABLE Tech in the OSU Department of Wellness offers 6-week technology trials for OSU students to try out devices such as iPads and apps. Call 744-9748 to make an appointment or visit
For more information, check out TextHelp.

Image: AppSphere by Blake Patterson (CC license)