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Oklahoma State University
Department of Wellness

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Gymnasium Usage

  • 10 courts spread across 3 gymnasiums are available in the Colvin Recreation Center:
    • 2-Gym (Courts 1 & 2) have badminton priority. Other activities are required to relocate when badminton players are present.
    • 4-Gym North (Courts 3-6) are for basketball and volleyball. Court 6 has a permanent volleyball court set up and volleyball has priority on court 6. Other activities are required to relocate when volleyball players are present.
    • 4-Gym South (Courts 7-10) are for basketball.
  • NO DUNKING. Dunking is defined as touching, grasping or holding on to any part of the net or rim. Dunking is cause for immediate ejection from the facilities for a period of no less than one week.
  • No tape on gym floors or walls.
  • Do not move any equipment already set up on the courts. Ask the manager on duty for information regarding the daily activities.
  • Gyms are intended for basketball, volleyball and badminton use only. Other activities must be approved by the manager on duty.
  • It is suggested that no personal items should be brought in to the courts. Place items in lockers - day locks are provided free of charge at the equipment desk.
  • Wear proper athletic shoes. No street shoes or black marking soles allowed.
  • Our general rec policies apply to gymnasiums including (but not limited to):
    • Participants should meet dress code.
    • Bottled water only (other drinks and food not allowed on courts).
    • Music should be played through headphones only.