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Schedule Information

All Intramural Sports schedules (regular season and playoffs) are available and updated daily on the Intramural Sports website, The RecIT app is a great way for players to receive notifications, schedule information and signing up teams by downloading the app to their phone. For all of the major team sports and most minor team sports, captains’ meetings are held and team schedules are posted the next business day, following the mandatory captains’ meeting onto the above mentioned location. Schedules are not distributed by email to the captains and must be reviewed online.

On days when weather is questionable, please call the Rec. Check line @ 744-7533.  Players should not assume that games will be cancelled, as the weather is very unpredictable. It is the responsibility of the team captain to call the Rec. Check line or check the main Intramural website for weather cancellations and then to notify team members.

Weather decisions are made by the Intramural Sports Staff by 2pm prior to the first game scheduled for that day (Sunday thru Thursday).  Decisions regarding play are never announced before 2pm.  For on-site postponements or cancellations due to weather/field conditions the Intramural Sports Site supervisor will be responsible for the decisions.  Once the field lights are turned off for the evening, the games are to be considered cancelled for the rest of that day.  The Intramural Sports Department is not responsible for forfeits suffered by assumed rainouts or contests rescheduled due to weather cancellations.

Regular Season games will NOT be rescheduled for any reason due to limited resources (fields, courts, staff).  Once playoffs have begun, there will be no rescheduling of any games, unless weather causes cancellations.

OSU has installed and utilizes its own lightning detection and notification warning system to determine the proximity of lightning.  When lightening is detected within 8 miles of campus an auditable horn will blast and a strobe light will flash and will remain flashing until an “all clear” is sounded. When lightning is detected the warning device will be a solid 15 second horn blast. The outdoor alerting system is located on the SW corner of the Fire Publications building, on top of the Wellness Center, by the outdoor pool, and at the Western fields. Other outdoor alerting systems have been placed around campus for detection. The strobe light will continue to flash until all lightning within the 8 mile radius has stopped for a duration of 30 minutes. The 30 minute window will continue to reset when there is lighting within the 8 miles.  All outdoor playing facilities must be cleared until the “all clear” sound blast and the strobe light has stopped flashing. Participants and staff must all be cleared from the playing facilities and seek shelter immediately.

Competitive sport policy prohibits office personnel to give team schedule information over the phone. Information given over the phone is easily misunderstood and could be misinterpreted causing unnecessary forfeits.