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The Competitive Sports Program realizes that on occasion an official may incorrectly interpret and/or enforce a rule. The purpose of a protest is to insure an equal opportunity for victory. A protest can be avoided through intelligent and constructive conversation among the team captains and the Competitive Sports Staff. The team captain must file all protests with the Competitive Sport Site Supervisor at the time a question occurs (protests that are recorded after one (1) or more subsequent plays have elapsed are not accepted). Once a team has been eliminated from play (too many forfeits, a protest renders them ineligible, losing a game that knocks them out of playoffs or for some other reason is no longer competing) they are not able to file a protest of any kind.
       o Protests may be filed concerning rule interpretations, policies or procedures and player eligibility.
       o Protests that challenge the accuracy of a judgment call by the officials’ or intramural supervisors’ will not be accepted.
       o See sport specific rules concerning protests that are not up-held in regards to time-outs being charged.
Protests will be settled at the game site by the site supervisor.  All protests that are filed will be recorded on a protest form by the site supervisor and a decision will be made at this point. The contest will continue under protest. All protest forms will be reviewed by the GA of the sport to determine that the proper ruling was made. In order for the GA to have all the needed information, the written protest must include the time remaining in the contest, the score, period of play, and all the events surrounding the protest. In the event the ruling was incorrect, the contest will be replayed from the point of the protest. Otherwise, the ruling made at the time of the protest will be upheld. Special arrangements for replaying protested games will be made by the Assistant Director. All protest decisions made by the Assistant Director will be final. 

REGULAR SEASON AND PLAYOFFS, PLAYER ELIGIBILITY PROTEST:  A written protest concerning a player’s eligibility can be filed with a supervisor before, during or after a contest.

  • If a protest is filed before a regular season or during a playoff contest and it is known by the site supervisor that the player is ineligible, the player and captain will be notified before the game begins and given the choice of whether or not the player will participate.  If the ineligible player plays, the contest is a forfeit.
  • If a protest is filed before a regular season or a playoff contest begins and it is NOT known by the site supervisor that the player is ineligible, the player and captain will be notified that the contest is being played under player eligibility protest and the intramural sports staff will contact the captains the following business day.  If the player chooses not to participate, then the protest will not affect the team.
  • If an eligibility protest is filed at another time during the regular season or during a playoff contest, the player in question will be reviewed and a determination will be made as soon as possible.
  • If a protest is upheld the protesting team or the team that is in good standing shall be declared the winner and during playoffs will advance to the next round.
  • Protest will not be accepted after the championship games have been completed.