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Oklahoma State University
Department of Wellness

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Teams that qualify will advance to the playoffs. Weather related rainouts will be considered a win to make a team eligible. To qualify a team must maintain a sportsmanship rating of three (3) throughout the season. A team MUST also win at least one (1) game, or be one of the two top teams in their block depending upon the sport. This includes a win by forfeit. If a team wins zero (0), that team will not qualify. If a team forfeits or concedes 2 games, the team will be removed from the regular season and will not be included in the playoffs. Game times will be chosen at random for the playoffs. Playoff schedules are set and cannot be changed. Teams may add players to their roster throughout all playoff games as long as that player is not on another team. During playoffs if a game reaches half-time/midway point of the contest and is then ended due to weather/field conditions it will be declared a completed game with the winning team advancing. Games that do not reach half-time/midway point will be rescheduled starting at the point of interruption.