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Oklahoma State University
Department of Wellness

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Injuries and Liability

All Participants - All students who are involved with an Intramural Sport/Activity have the desire to participate. The student is aware that these activities involve physical and emotional risks, such as physical person-to-person contact, exertion, use of equipment, and the use of indoor and outdoor facilities. The student voluntarily assumes all risk of accident, injury, damage, death, and/or loss to himself/herself or to his/her property which may arise out of participation in an Intramural Sport/Activity. The student also expressly releases and forever discharges the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges and their officers, agents, and employees (paid or voluntary) for every claim, liability, or damage of any kind arising out of the student’s voluntary participation in an Intramural Sport/Activity. The student should not have any medical impairment, disease, physical liability, or injury that would prevent his/her participation in an Intramural Sport/Activity, and the student should have medical insurance that covers his/her participation.

The on-site Competitive Sports Supervisor will determine when an injury occurs if there is a suspected concussion for any participants on our facilities.  If the supervisor determines there might be a suspected concussion from their observation then that individual(s) will be removed from all participation and the concussion forms will be filled out.  If a participant has been removed that individual(s) cannot play or practice until they are cleared by the OSU Health Center or a primary physician with written documentation (return to play form) sent to the Competitive Sports Office.

All injuries should be immediately reported to the onsite Competitive Sports Staff.  All accidents are recorded and kept on file for participant insurance purposes and for the program’s statistical records.