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Oklahoma State University
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Equipment/ Dress Attire

The Intramural Sports Program provides most of the equipment for intramural sporting activities. The Competitive Sports Office will provide game equipment for the games only, they are not for participants to practice or warm up with prior to each contest.

  • Students, Faculty/Staff, & Student Organizations have the opportunity to rent sporting equipment from the Competitive Sports Office with a daily fee. An Equipment Reservation form must be filled out no less than a week before the equipment is needed to determine availability. Equipment Reservation forms may be picked up in the Competitive Sports Office or printed from the website @
  • Personal athletic equipment may be used for activities provided the equipment meets the sport specific standards and Intramural Sports standards.

For all intramural activities, participants are required to wear athletic attire this means no jeans or jean shorts, khaki shorts or cargo shorts (where sport specific rules also apply).  The Competitive Sports Office is committed to creating a healthy campus culture for students, faculty and staff.  With this in mind, certain policies or procedures have been put into place to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.  In terms of wearing proper attire when participating in an intramural activity not all clothing is suitable for the playing fields or courts.  Clothing that works well for everyday life is generally not appropriate within the confines of a playing field or court.  In specific outdoor sports when participants are engaged in activity that requires movements such as sliding, diving or flag pulling this where the potential for articles of clothing to be ripped or torn.  To ensure a healthy culture for all participants clothing articles such as yoga pants, leggings, compression shorts or spandex type clothing are not suitable in specific outdoor sports.  If those type of clothing articles are worn they must be covered up with an appropriate pair of athletic pants or shorts.  This includes both male and female participants.

The following proper equipment for all intramural sporting events is required to participate:

  • Footwear Policy: Regulation tennis shoes or basketball shoes are required to be worn in all events.  Any kind of marking shoes are not to be worn in the gymnasiums.  Pliable rubber cleated shoes may be worn on the Outdoor Intramural Fields.  No metal spikes or plastic cleats with metal tips will be permitted.  The Competitive Sports Staff will declare the player ineligible to participate until the proper requirements are met.
  • Headgear Policy: Headgear is not allowed to be worn by any participant during an intramural event, except for one-piece head/sweat bands that do not have to be tied or do not have any form of knot(s).  Illegal headgear consists of any hats, bandannas, baseball caps, winter/wool hats, metal or hard plastic headbands and any other such similar headgear.  For outdoor sports, winter/wool hats are allowed.  Baseball-like hats are allowed only during Intramural Softball and Quickball.  Soft concussion headgear may be worn.
  • Braces Policy:  Any brace that has hard protruding metal is not allowed to be worn unless it is covered with a soft sleeve or other material that will not come off. 
  • Jewelry Policy: Jewelry is not allowed to be worn by any participant during any intramural event.  Jewelry consists of any rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and any other such similar jewelry that can be seen.  Note: the only exception to jewelry is medical alert materials.

In all of the above equipment policies the Competitive Sports Staff on duty have the authority to disallow any participant from participating if they feel their equipment would endanger themselves or his/her opponents.