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Oklahoma State University
Department of Wellness

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The following eligibility regulations have been established to protect the intramural participants and to insure them ample opportunity to participate. It is important that all participants observe the rules equally so that no team or individual may gain an advantage over those abiding by the rules. Each participant is responsible for the verification of his/her own eligibility. Each team captain is responsible for the eligibility of his/her team members.

  • In order to be eligible to participate in Intramural Sports, an individual must fall into one (1) of the following categories:
    • All Oklahoma State University (Stillwater Campus) and Northern Oklahoma College Gateway Undergraduate and Graduate students who are enrolled during the current semester. The key to being eligible is that a student has paid the Student Activity Fee (correspondence courses or audited course work do not make participants eligible).
    • Faculty/Staff members that are benefit eligible
    • Any individual who has purchased a membership through the Department of Wellness. (Day Pass not included)
  • ALL participants MUST create an account with IMLeagues and be added to the team roster before participating in any intramural event/activity. Participants playing without creating an account will be declared an ineligible player, ejected and a forfeit will be issued to the team captain.
    • For each intramural sport(s) there are a minimum number of players allowed. These numbers vary per intramural sport/activity and they are known as roster limitations. At no time will the Competitive Sports Office accept an entry form that does not fit within the roster limitations. (Below are the minimums)
Fall 2017 Spring 2018


Basketball* 4
Canoe Tug of War 2 Indoor Soccer * 4
Quickball 3 Spikeball 2
Floor Hockey* 4 State BB Tournament 5
Flag Football* 5 3 Point & Free Throw 1
Tennis Doubles 1 Water Battleship 3
Golf (Scramble) $$ 4 Wallyball (4-on-4) 3
Archery 1 Badminton Doubles 2
Kickball 8 Bowling 4
Volleyball* 4 Goalball 3
Badminton Singles 1 Softball* 8
Inner Tube Water Polo 4 Wheelchair Basketball* 4
3-on-3 Basketball 2 4-on-4 Flag Football* 3
Team Handball* 5 Racquetball Singles 1
Racquetball Doubles 1 Ultimate Frisbee 5
Table Tennis Singles 1 Tennis Singles 1
2-Ball Indoor Soccer* 4 4-on-4 Sand Volleyball 3
Dodgeball Tournament 4 Wrestling 1
    Disc Golf 1
  • Roster additions may be made throughout the regular sport season and playoffs in the Competitive Sports Office, online or they may be completed at the game site by captain/team member.
    • During scheduled contest(s) whether regular season or playoffs, new players' full names & CWID may be added at the game site as long as they have created an IMLeagues account and are not listed on another team. All additions must be added through IMLeagues.
    • Players are not eligible until the above requirements are met.
  • No roster additions/deletions will be taken over the phone.
  • Substitutions in individual/dual sports must be made before a players' first scheduled game/match. The original player cannot re-enter the tournament after the substitution is completed.
  • An individual may not participate for more than one team within a division in a given sport. For example: a male may not play in Men's Competitive league and Men's Recreational league, but is allowed to play on a Men's team and a Co-Rec team.
    • If a player wishes to change from one team to another, he/she must do so in the Competitive Sports Office before the player competes.
    • A player listed on two rosters will be considered a member of the team he/she first plays for. *Any player signed in on a game score sheet will be considered to "have played."
    • A player participating in intramural sports may participate in accordance with their gender identity and will play with that identity for the duration of the semester. If a players identity changes or is wrong in IMLeagues that individual must notify the Competitive sports office in order to make the correct change.
  • IMLeagues will recognize ineligible players by marking them ineligible via the score sheet. There are many reasons why players are marked ineligible on the score sheets, but the most common reason is due to players participating for multiple teams. *Ineligible players must visit the Competitive Sports Office to become eligible.
  • All participants MUST check in with their active Student ID card prior to the game or when they arrive in order to be eligible for all Intramural Sports. If participants are found not checked in while playing they will be issued a yellow card and then must provide their ID Card and check in. If a person cannot provide ID card at that time they will be issued a red card and ejected and then must meet with the Competitive Sports Staff before they are declared eligible.
  • Any person using someone else's ID Card and the person whose ID Card it is will have their ID Card confiscated, be immediately suspended from ALL Intramural Sports for a period of one semester & must meet with the Assistant Director. Further penalties could be assessed which may include expulsion from the Colvin Recreation Center.
  • Any person who is a varsity athlete (listed on the roster or practice roster) shall not be eligible to participate in that sport or corresponding sports for the full academic year. The full academic year is from August-May even if the sport only takes places during one semester.
    • Varsity athletes may participate in "Competitive" League only in their non-corresponding and corresponding sport following the last full academic year in which they participated.
    • Only four (4) varsity athletes or past varsity athletes are allowed per team roster in any non-corresponding sport (this team must play in "Competitive" League only), or only two (2) past varsity athletes are allowed per team in any corresponding sport (this team must play in "Competitive" League only).

                        Corresponding sports are defined as follows:

Baseball/Softball                 Softball, Quickball

Basketball                             Basketball, 3-on-3 Basketball, Wheelchair Basketball

Football                                  4-on-4 and 7-on-7 Flag Football

Ice Hockey                             Floor Hockey

Golf                                        Golf Tournaments

Soccer                                   Soccer, 2 Ball Soccer, Indoor Soccer

Track/Cross Country             Indoor Triathlon

Volleyball                               Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, Wallyball

Tennis                                    Tennis Doubles/Singles

  • Only two (2) sport club members (this includes players and coaches) are eligible to be on the roster in their sport or corresponding sports. In their sports specific/corresponding sport(s), sport club members must play in "competitive" league competition. We define sport club members on a semester basis and not a full academic year.
  • Sport club practice teams and varsity practice teams of any kind are included under the sport club rule and can have no more than two (2) members on the roster on the same team and must compete in "competitive" league only.
  • Due paying members is not the only way to define a sport club member. Participating in regular practices and/or attending scheduled games constitutes a sport club member for that semester.
  • Any person who has competed as a professional in a sport shall not be eligible to participate in that sport or corresponding sport(s) until the lapse of seven (7) years from their last season on a professional roster. Must compete in "competitive" league only.
  • In order to participate for a fraternity or sorority and to receive All-University Points, an individual must be associated with that organization as a pledge, member or considered on the membership rolls of that house.
  • Independent teams may be composed of persons who may or may not belong to a previously mentioned group.
  • Consequences for using an ineligible player(s):
    • The team shall forfeit each contest in which the ineligible individual(s) played.
    • Teams who fall into the previous mentioned category will be subject to the IM forfeiture policy (two or more forfeits will drop the team from further play, this will make the team ineligible for both regular season and playoffs).
    • When a game is forfeited due to an ineligible/illegal player a forfeit charge will be assessed to the team captain.
    • Players participating illegally are referred to the Assistant Director for further disciplinary action.