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Duties of Team Captain

Each team entering an intramural activity must appoint a team captain.  The captain is the official liaison between the team and Competitive Sports Program.  The captain must be listed as a member of the team on the official team roster.  Specific responsibilities of the captain include:

  • Attending (or sending another team representative) to the mandatory captains’ meetings.
    • Captains’ meetings are held at the beginning of all team sport seasons and usually before playoffs.  See sport specific information for dates and times (the dates/times will NOT be emailed, it is the responsibility of the captain to ascertain captain meetings times & dates).
    • Captain or representative must sign for EACH team they are representing to avoid the forfeit fee.
    • Any team not represented at the required captains’ meeting(s) for a team sport will be charged a $20.00 missed captains’ meeting fee.  This forfeit fee does not affect your team’s status for the season and does not count as one of your two forfeits for the season.  The captain(s) that missed the meeting are encouraged to log into the website & review the team schedules & rules, schedules will NOT be emailed.
  • Individual/dual sports may not require a captains’ meeting.  The Competitive Sports Office will have schedules and rules available as specified on IMLeagues.
  • Notifying team members of playing rules, playing schedules/schedule changes (often due to weather related cancellations), eligibility policies and procedures and ensuring that their team is in compliance to all intramural policies and procedures. NOTE: Check schedules on weekly basis for BYEs or teams being inserted into the schedule to avoid BYEs.
  • Submitting complete and correct team/player information on all entry forms & gamesheets. 
  • Representing the team in the case of protests. 
  • Cooperating fully with the Competitive Sports Staff during all activities in regards to: signing team members in on the official score sheet, lineups, scores, protests, injuries, player ejections, team conduct, spectator conduct and any other situations that might arise. 
  • Serving as a leader during all activities by promoting fair play and by helping to create a positive atmosphere. 
  • Responsible for forfeit fees, in the case of Greek teams whoever creates the team online (i.e. captain or sports chair) will be the person charged.