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Oklahoma State University
Department of Wellness

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Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Use

Alcoholic beverages, drugs and tobacco products are not permitted on or within the playing confinement of the Intramural Sports playing areas. Contests will not be played and will result in forfeits if such substance abuse is present.

The Competitive Sports Staff assigned to the playing contest have the authority and responsibility in making decisions regarding individuals who are not permitted to participate based on:

  • A student's breath or clothing smells of alcohol or illegal substances.
  • A student's actions and language are unacceptable.
  • Teams and/or individuals guilty of alcohol or drug use will be asked to leave the playing area and may be barred from further participation. Violators will be suspended for 1 semester or the equivalent of 1 semester.
  • Such violation may also be subject to prosecution under the terms of the University Student Conduct Policies.

Any participants or teams who have been ejected due to substance abuse may be required to meet with the OSU Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center and provide documentation to the Assistant Director before they are allowed to participate.