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  • Spirit of Competition

    Team sport activities find their origin in the basic human need for the spirit of play. Winning and losing are mere outcomes of this spirit. Abusive language and manipulation of the rules are not part of the game. What is part of the game is the pure satisfaction of participation, getting fit and enhancing friendships. Without your opponent there is no game, no contest, no memories and no fun. You are indebted to them, as they are to you. The spirit of play is then based on cooperation. Upholding high standards of integrity and fair play acknowledges this idea of cooperative competition. All players are encouraged to use good judgment in caring for the safety of others as well as themselves. The goal of lifetime sports for all players may have more meaning than that of a win or loss, the memory of which often fades quickly. All players are asked to participate within the context of this spirit of play.

  • Overview of Intramural Sports

    Competitive sports at OSU continues to promote its rich tradition of friendly, competitive activities for everyone within the university community.  Since its inception in the late sixties, the Intramural Sports Program has served as a rally point for socialization, exercise and competition.  The Intramural Sports Program serves over 3,500 participants weekly in nearly 50 different sporting activities.  The sport club program serves 35 active clubs with over 1,000 participants.  If you want to play or get involved stop by and see us in room 104 at the Colvin Competitive Center, call 405-744-7407 or visit us on the web.


    Competitive Sport Program Features:

    • The largest student program on campus
    • Over 50 different sporting activities
    • Male, female and co-Competitive divisions of play
    • Convenient, flexible season schedules (teams select day and time)
    • Leagues organized to match skill level and ability
    • Employment opportunities for over 300 students
    • 35 active clubs

    The vision of the Competitive Sports Office at Oklahoma State University is to provide opportunities for individuals to discover wellness through programs. 

    The mission of the Competitive Sports Office at Oklahoma State University is to provide students, faculty, and staff quality programs and services while encouraging all participants to value Competitive and wellness.

  • League Divisions and Competition Levels

    League Divisions

    Intramural Competition is offered in four (4) divisions:

    • Men's - Composed of individual men or men's teams which may, but are not required to represent the various residence halls, Greek organizations or independent groups of the university community.
    • Women’s - Composed of individual women or women’s teams which may, but are not required to represent the various residence halls, Greek organizations or independent groups of the university community.
    • CoRec - Composed of teams consisting of a minimum number of players of each gender. Teams may, but are not required to represent the various residence halls, Greek organizations or independent groups of the university community. When participating in this division the male to female ratio can never be higher then 2:1.
    • Open – Composed of teams consisting of each gender with no minimum or maximum.  Teams of all males may compete against teams of all females or any mix of genders.  This division will be for Texas Hold’Em, Golf 2-person best ball,  Domino’s & Wii Sports Tournament.

    Competition Levels

    Intramural Sports competition is divided into three (3) different leagues. Each team or individual is encouraged to select the league which best suits their abilities and interests. The Intramural Sports Coordinator reserves the right to move teams to a more appropriate league when necessary. Team captains are encouraged to aid this process prior to the beginning of playoffs. The following leagues are offered:
    • “Competitive” league is designed for teams/individuals with high skill levels, seeking intense competition.
    • “Recreational” league is available for those with prior experience in the sport seeking a moderate level of competition and skill.
    • “Just For Fun” league offers a “just for fun” atmosphere, which is comprised of those with little or no experience.
  • Team Sports Registration

    Registration for all Intramural Sports activities will take place online with the exception of those listed on the calendar.

    • Registration for all Intramural Sports activities will take place on line with the exception of those listed on the calendar.
    • Every participant who signs up to play will receive a $5 participation charge on their bursar.  This charge will be processed after the participant checks in for the first time.  This will allow participation in all sports during that semester. 
    • Information for all sports can be found through the RecIT app or by visiting our website and logging in.  Information can also be obtained in the Competitive Sports Office.
    • On line registration is due on closing date at 11:45pm online.
    • Registration Fees will be charged in the case that an off-campus facility or on campus rental equipment is used and for some special events.  Payments for these sports (Bowling and Golf) must be turned in to the Colvin Center Main Office, 101 Colvin Center, during business hours Monday - Thursday 8am-8pm, and Friday 8am-5pm.  A receipt a payment must then be presented to the Competitive Sports Office, 104 Colvin Center.
    • Online entry forms must be complete in order for them to be accepted by the Intramural Sports Staff prior to the announced deadline.  The following is a list of information that is required for an entry form to be complete: team name, sport selected to play, desired block (time of play), division of play, players’ full names, ID numbers (CWID) for teammates and a captain assigned to this team.
    • For each team sport, teams will select a time and day preference (block) to play
    • It is the responsibility of the team captain to submit a proper and tasteful team name for their Intramural Sports team.  The following restrictions are enforced:  team names should only consist of two (2) to three (3) words (no Greek letters), no vulgar language, no reference to alcohol or other drugs and no discriminatory references (race, religion, color, national origin, or sex).
    • The Assistant Director, Coordinator, and Graduate Assistants reserve the right to change team names that are not in compliance with the stated restrictions.
    • Entries will be taken on a first-come, first serve basis.  Space is limited in many activities, therefore early entries are encouraged.  Once the blocks/leagues fill, there is no guarantee that additional leagues will be offered but a team may join the waiting list for a specific block in case a spot opens.  Teams on the waiting list are also encouraged to choose another block to enter to ensure a spot to play in if a spot does not become available on the desired waiting list block.
    • Late entries will be accepted only if time and space allow.  Occasionally, teams entering a sport late will be inserted if another team drops out of competition, due to forfeits or sportsmanship issues.  At this point the teams on the “waiting list” will be inserted in the order of entry.
    • Late entries will not be eligible for All-University Points.
  • Sign Up as Free Agent

    Looking to get on a team?

    No team? No Problem! Simply visit the Competitive Sports Website and sign up as a free agent for any team sport that the Competitive Sports Program offers.  Free agents can designate the division, level of play, or specific time slot that they wish to participate in for each corresponding sport.  Often, individuals who are put on the “free agent list” are picked up by teams who need extra players or the Competitive Sports Office will form a team with a list of individuals.

  • Eligibility
  • Rules and Rule Changes

    General rules and regulations for each sport will be made available to students before competition begins.  In addition to the general rules, there are certain specific regulations, which will take precedence.  These rules are issued to participants before the start of competition.

    The Competitive Sports Office reserves the right to put into immediate effect any new sport rule changes or modifications regarding participant eligibility.  Before doing so, the Competitive Sports Office will notify participants through team captains.

  • Duties of Team Captain

    Each team entering an intramural activity must appoint a team captain.  The captain is the official liaison between the team and Competitive Sports Program.  The captain must be listed as a member of the team on the official team roster.  Specific responsibilities of the captain include:

    • Attending (or sending another team representative) to the mandatory captains’ meetings.
      • Captains’ meetings are held at the beginning of all team sport seasons and usually before playoffs.  See sport specific information for dates and times (the dates/times will NOT be emailed, it is the responsibility of the captain to ascertain captain meetings times & dates).
      • Captain or representative must sign for EACH team they are representing to avoid the forfeit fee.
      • Any team not represented at the required captains’ meeting(s) for a team sport will be charged a $20.00 missed captains’ meeting fee.  This forfeit fee does not affect your team’s status for the season and does not count as one of your two forfeits for the season.  The captain(s) that missed the meeting are encouraged to log into the website & review the team schedules & rules, schedules will NOT be emailed.
    • Individual/dual sports may not require a captains’ meeting.  The Competitive Sports Office will have schedules and rules available as specified on IMLeagues.
    • Notifying team members of playing rules, playing schedules/schedule changes (often due to weather related cancellations), eligibility policies and procedures and ensuring that their team is in compliance to all intramural policies and procedures. NOTE: Check schedules on weekly basis for BYEs or teams being inserted into the schedule to avoid BYEs.
    • Submitting complete and correct team/player information on all entry forms & gamesheets. 
    • Representing the team in the case of protests. 
    • Cooperating fully with the Competitive Sports Staff during all activities in regards to: signing team members in on the official score sheet, lineups, scores, protests, injuries, player ejections, team conduct, spectator conduct and any other situations that might arise. 
    • Serving as a leader during all activities by promoting fair play and by helping to create a positive atmosphere. 
    • Responsible for forfeit fees, in the case of Greek teams whoever creates the team online (i.e. captain or sports chair) will be the person charged.
  • Sportsmanship
  • Participant & Spectator Conduct

    Any player who commits any of the following acts of misconduct shall be subject to disciplinary procedures by the Intramural Sports Program:

    • Any player that is ejected from any Intramural Sport will be immediately suspended from all Intramural Sports.  The player must meet with the Competitive Sports Staff & will receive a minimum two (2) weeks suspension if sportsmanship related from all Intramural Sports.  Suspensions will not begin until participants have met with the Competitive Sports Staff.  The suspension includes all intramural sports for the duration of the suspension.
    • Any player that verbally abuses or threatens an intramural sports staff member will be suspended a minimum of one (1) semester during which they will not be eligible for any intramural sport and will be subject to further disciplinary action upon review of the incident by the Coordinator or Assistant Director.
    • Any player or team that with-holds a name of a teammate or fan when asked by a member of the Competitive Sports Staff or any player or team giving a false name/identity will be suspended immediately from the Intramural Sports Program until a meeting has occurred with the Assistant Director, Coordinator, or Graduate Assistant.
    • Any player that hits, strikes or attempts to hit or strike (this includes pushing or shoving) an Competitive Sports Staff member will be suspended from the Intramural Sports Program for a minimum period of one (1) calendar year and will be subject to further disciplinary action upon review of the incident by the Assistant Director.
    • Any player that hits, strikes or attempts to hit or strike (this includes pushing or shoving) another player will be suspended a minimum of one (1) semester and will be subject to further disciplinary action upon review of the incident by the Assistant Director.  Any severe incident will warrant suspension of that individual from the Intramural Sports Program for a minimum one (1) calendar year.
    • Any team that is involved in a team fight will forfeit that contest in which the fight occurred and will be suspended from that sport for the remainder of the year (season or tournament).  When a game is forfeited because of sportsmanlike conduct the team captain will also be charged a forfeit fee.  All team members will be subject to further disciplinary action upon review of the incident by the Assistant Director.
    • Any participant or team found using racial slurs or harassment (whether sexual or not) of any nature towards participants, teams or staff will be suspended immediately for a minimum one (1) calendar year.
    • Ejected players, coaches and/or fans must remove themselves immediately from the playing area (out of sight out of sound).  Failure to comply within one (1) minute will result in a team forfeit.  It is the captain’s and/or co-captain’s responsibility to assist the intramural sports staff in this process.
    • After a game the Captain is still held accountable for teammates and fans which could result in changing of sportsmanship rating or forfeiture of game.
  • Forfeits and Concedes

    The philosophy of the Intramural Sports Program is to involve all eligible participants in the OSU community. If a team forfeits a contest, the objectives of the Intramural Sports Program are not met, therefore participants are deprived of active involvement. This procedure is designed to eliminate forfeits and encourage involvement.

    • Game time is forfeit time. There will not be a grace period. If a team is scheduled to play at 7 p.m., they must be signed in, jerseys on and ready to BEGIN playing at 7 p.m. or a forfeit will be declared. It is recommended that teams arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start time to ensure they are ready to play on time.
    • In team sports, a forfeit fee of $30.00 will be charged to the team captain for any forfeited contest.
      • Team forfeit fees may be paid in the Competitive Sports Office within twenty-four (24) hours of the forfeit. Otherwise, the fee will be charged to the Captain's Bursar account.
    • In individual/dual sports a $10.00 forfeit fee will be charged to any person who is signed up and does not show up to compete at any time during their scheduled contest throughout the tournament. This is to discourage players from causing byes in tournaments. The person responsible for the fee is the person who is signed up for the sport, not the person who turned in the entry form. If you are signed up, be sure you recognize your responsibility for the fee.
      • Individual/dual forfeit fees may be paid in the Competitive Sports Office within twenty-four (24) hours of the forfeit. Otherwise, this fee will be charged to the Bursar Account of the person who forfeited.
    • All forfeits, regardless of cause, will result in the forfeit fee being assessed (i.e. forfeiture due to contest being canceled because of sportsmanship issues or illegal player(s)).
    • In order to claim a forfeit, the opposing team must have the minimum starting number present and ready to play. Otherwise a double forfeit will be declared if neither team has the minimum number of participants.
    • Conceding: A team may concede a game (no forfeit fee will apply) by notifying the Competitive Sports Office.  Only the team captain, co-captain or sports chair may concede a contest by contacting the office prior to 2:00 p.m. on the day they are to compete or by 5pm on Friday for all weekend contests by phone 405-744-7407 or email  • NOTE: leaving a voicemail after 5pm on Friday will not be taken as a concede for any weekend games.
    • If a team forfeits and/or concedes two (2) contests during a sport season they will be dropped from further competition in that sport.
      • Any team scheduled to play the forfeiting/conceded team will automatically receive a bye unless another team is inserted in its place.
      • Members of a team that have forfeited out are not eligible to participate for another team. Exception: a team that did not show up for any contests prior to forfeiting out.
  •  Protest

    The Competitive Sports Program realizes that on occasion an official may incorrectly interpret and/or enforce a rule. The purpose of a protest is to insure an equal opportunity for victory. A protest can be avoided through intelligent and constructive conversation among the team captains and the Competitive Sports Staff. The team captain must file all protests with the Competitive Sport Site Supervisor at the time a question occurs (protests that are recorded after one (1) or more subsequent plays have elapsed are not accepted). Once a team has been eliminated from play (too many forfeits, a protest renders them ineligible, losing a game that knocks them out of playoffs or for some other reason is no longer competing) they are not able to file a protest of any kind.
           o Protests may be filed concerning rule interpretations, policies or procedures and player eligibility.
           o Protests that challenge the accuracy of a judgment call by the officials’ or intramural supervisors’ will not be accepted.
           o See sport specific rules concerning protests that are not up-held in regards to time-outs being charged.
    Protests will be settled at the game site by the site supervisor.  All protests that are filed will be recorded on a protest form by the site supervisor and a decision will be made at this point. The contest will continue under protest. All protest forms will be reviewed by the GA of the sport to determine that the proper ruling was made. In order for the GA to have all the needed information, the written protest must include the time remaining in the contest, the score, period of play, and all the events surrounding the protest. In the event the ruling was incorrect, the contest will be replayed from the point of the protest. Otherwise, the ruling made at the time of the protest will be upheld. Special arrangements for replaying protested games will be made by the Assistant Director. All protest decisions made by the Assistant Director will be final. 

    REGULAR SEASON AND PLAYOFFS, PLAYER ELIGIBILITY PROTEST:  A written protest concerning a player’s eligibility can be filed with a supervisor before, during or after a contest.

    • If a protest is filed before a regular season or during a playoff contest and it is known by the site supervisor that the player is ineligible, the player and captain will be notified before the game begins and given the choice of whether or not the player will participate.  If the ineligible player plays, the contest is a forfeit.
    • If a protest is filed before a regular season or a playoff contest begins and it is NOT known by the site supervisor that the player is ineligible, the player and captain will be notified that the contest is being played under player eligibility protest and the intramural sports staff will contact the captains the following business day.  If the player chooses not to participate, then the protest will not affect the team.
    • If an eligibility protest is filed at another time during the regular season or during a playoff contest, the player in question will be reviewed and a determination will be made as soon as possible.
    • If a protest is upheld the protesting team or the team that is in good standing shall be declared the winner and during playoffs will advance to the next round.
    • Protest will not be accepted after the championship games have been completed.
  • Schedule Information

    All Intramural Sports schedules (regular season and playoffs) are available and updated daily on the Intramural Sports website, 

     The RecIT app is a great way for players to receive notifications, schedule information and signing up teams by downloading the app to their phone. For all of the major team sports and most minor team sports, captains’ meetings are held and team schedules are posted the next business day, following the mandatory captains’ meeting onto the above mentioned location. Schedules are not distributed by email to the captains and must be reviewed online.

    On days when weather is questionable, please call the Rec. Check line @ 744-7533.  Players should not assume that games will be cancelled, as the weather is very unpredictable. It is the responsibility of the team captain to call the Rec. Check line or check the main Intramural website for weather cancellations and then to notify team members.

    Weather decisions are made by the Intramural Sports Staff by 2pm prior to the first game scheduled for that day (Sunday thru Thursday).  Decisions regarding play are never announced before 2pm.  For on-site postponements or cancellations due to weather/field conditions the Intramural Sports Site supervisor will be responsible for the decisions.  Once the field lights are turned off for the evening, the games are to be considered cancelled for the rest of that day.  The Intramural Sports Department is not responsible for forfeits suffered by assumed rainouts or contests rescheduled due to weather cancellations.

    Regular Season games will NOT be rescheduled for any reason due to limited resources (fields, courts, staff).  Once playoffs have begun, there will be no rescheduling of any games, unless weather causes cancellations.

    OSU has installed and utilizes its own lightning detection and notification warning system to determine the proximity of lightning.  When lightening is detected within 8 miles of campus an auditable horn will blast and a strobe light will flash and will remain flashing until an “all clear” is sounded. When lightning is detected the warning device will be a solid 15 second horn blast. The outdoor alerting system is located on the SW corner of the Fire Publications building, on top of the Wellness Center, by the outdoor pool, and at the Western fields. Other outdoor alerting systems have been placed around campus for detection. The strobe light will continue to flash until all lightning within the 8 mile radius has stopped for a duration of 30 minutes. The 30 minute window will continue to reset when there is lighting within the 8 miles.  All outdoor playing facilities must be cleared until the “all clear” sound blast and the strobe light has stopped flashing. Participants and staff must all be cleared from the playing facilities and seek shelter immediately.

    Competitive sport policy prohibits office personnel to give team schedule information over the phone. Information given over the phone is easily misunderstood and could be misinterpreted causing unnecessary forfeits.

  • Playoffs

    Teams that qualify will advance to the playoffs. Weather related rainouts will be considered a win to make a team eligible. To qualify a team must maintain a sportsmanship rating of three (3) throughout the season. A team MUST also win at least one (1) game, or be one of the two top teams in their block depending upon the sport. This includes a win by forfeit. If a team wins zero (0), that team will not qualify. If a team forfeits or concedes 2 games, the team will be removed from the regular season and will not be included in the playoffs. Game times will be chosen at random for the playoffs. Playoff schedules are set and cannot be changed. Teams may add players to their roster throughout all playoff games as long as that player is not on another team. During playoffs if a game reaches half-time/midway point of the contest and is then ended due to weather/field conditions it will be declared a completed game with the winning team advancing. Games that do not reach half-time/midway point will be rescheduled starting at the point of interruption.

  • Injuries and Liability

    All Participants - All students who are involved with an Intramural Sport/Activity have the desire to participate. The student is aware that these activities involve physical and emotional risks, such as physical person-to-person contact, exertion, use of equipment, and the use of indoor and outdoor facilities. The student voluntarily assumes all risk of accident, injury, damage, death, and/or loss to himself/herself or to his/her property which may arise out of participation in an Intramural Sport/Activity. The student also expressly releases and forever discharges the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges and their officers, agents, and employees (paid or voluntary) for every claim, liability, or damage of any kind arising out of the student’s voluntary participation in an Intramural Sport/Activity. The student should not have any medical impairment, disease, physical liability, or injury that would prevent his/her participation in an Intramural Sport/Activity, and the student should have medical insurance that covers his/her participation.

    The on-site Competitive Sports Supervisor will determine when an injury occurs if there is a suspected concussion for any participants on our facilities.  If the supervisor determines there might be a suspected concussion from their observation then that individual(s) will be removed from all participation and the concussion forms will be filled out.  If a participant has been removed that individual(s) cannot play or practice until they are cleared by the OSU Health Center or a primary physician with written documentation (return to play form) sent to the Competitive Sports Office.

    All injuries should be immediately reported to the onsite Competitive Sports Staff.  All accidents are recorded and kept on file for participant insurance purposes and for the program’s statistical records.

  • Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Use

    Alcoholic beverages, drugs and tobacco products are not permitted on or within the playing confinement of the Intramural Sports playing areas. Contests will not be played and will result in forfeits if such substance abuse is present.

    The Competitive Sports Staff assigned to the playing contest have the authority and responsibility in making decisions regarding individuals who are not permitted to participate based on:

    • A student's breath or clothing smells of alcohol or illegal substances.
    • A student's actions and language are unacceptable.
    • Teams and/or individuals guilty of alcohol or drug use will be asked to leave the playing area and may be barred from further participation. Violators will be suspended for 1 semester or the equivalent of 1 semester.
    • Such violation may also be subject to prosecution under the terms of the University Student Conduct Policies.

    Any participants or teams who have been ejected due to substance abuse may be required to meet with the OSU Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center and provide documentation to the Assistant Director before they are allowed to participate.

  • Equipment/ Dress Attire

    The Intramural Sports Program provides most of the equipment for intramural sporting activities. The Competitive Sports Office will provide game equipment for the games only, they are not for participants to practice or warm up with prior to each contest.

    • Students, Faculty/Staff, & Student Organizations have the opportunity to rent sporting equipment from the Competitive Sports Office with a daily fee. An Equipment Reservation form must be filled out no less than a week before the equipment is needed to determine availability. Equipment Reservation forms may be picked up in the Competitive Sports Office or printed from the website @
    • Personal athletic equipment may be used for activities provided the equipment meets the sport specific standards and Intramural Sports standards.

    For all intramural activities, participants are required to wear athletic attire this means no jeans or jean shorts, khaki shorts or cargo shorts (where sport specific rules also apply).  The Competitive Sports Office is committed to creating a healthy campus culture for students, faculty and staff.  With this in mind, certain policies or procedures have been put into place to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.  In terms of wearing proper attire when participating in an intramural activity not all clothing is suitable for the playing fields or courts.  Clothing that works well for everyday life is generally not appropriate within the confines of a playing field or court.  In specific outdoor sports when participants are engaged in activity that requires movements such as sliding, diving or flag pulling this where the potential for articles of clothing to be ripped or torn.  To ensure a healthy culture for all participants clothing articles such as yoga pants, leggings, compression shorts or spandex type clothing are not suitable in specific outdoor sports.  If those type of clothing articles are worn they must be covered up with an appropriate pair of athletic pants or shorts.  This includes both male and female participants.

    The following proper equipment for all intramural sporting events is required to participate:

    • Footwear Policy: Regulation tennis shoes or basketball shoes are required to be worn in all events.  Any kind of marking shoes are not to be worn in the gymnasiums.  Pliable rubber cleated shoes may be worn on the Outdoor Intramural Fields.  No metal spikes or plastic cleats with metal tips will be permitted.  The Competitive Sports Staff will declare the player ineligible to participate until the proper requirements are met.
    • Headgear Policy: Headgear is not allowed to be worn by any participant during an intramural event, except for one-piece head/sweat bands that do not have to be tied or do not have any form of knot(s).  Illegal headgear consists of any hats, bandannas, baseball caps, winter/wool hats, metal or hard plastic headbands and any other such similar headgear.  For outdoor sports, winter/wool hats are allowed.  Baseball-like hats are allowed only during Intramural Softball and Quickball.  Soft concussion headgear may be worn.
    • Braces Policy:  Any brace that has hard protruding metal is not allowed to be worn unless it is covered with a soft sleeve or other material that will not come off. 
    • Jewelry Policy: Jewelry is not allowed to be worn by any participant during any intramural event.  Jewelry consists of any rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and any other such similar jewelry that can be seen.  Note: the only exception to jewelry is medical alert materials.

    In all of the above equipment policies the Competitive Sports Staff on duty have the authority to disallow any participant from participating if they feel their equipment would endanger themselves or his/her opponents.

  • Pets and Animals
    No pets or animals of any kind will be allowed on the Intramural Fields with or without a leash. As a reminder, only dogs specifically recognized by Pete’s Pet Posse and dogs identified as service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are allowed in campus buildings. Approved emotional support animals are restricted to residential housing. Other than in the case of these limited exceptions, pets and emotional support animals are not to be in campus buildings.
  • Intramural Sports Awards

    Socialization, competition and exercise are just a few of the rewards that participants receive from playing intramural sports. Each individual and team that wins a championship will additionally receive a championship t-shirt in acknowledgement of their efforts. The following accomplishments will be honored on a plaque which is displayed in the Intramural Sports Office:

    • The Official of the Year Award
    • The Supervisor of the Year Award
    • The Team Sportsmanship of the Year Award
    • The All-University Points Winner (three (3) separate divisions)

    The Official of The Year and the Team Sportsmanship of the Year awards are voted on by the Competitive Sports Staff, but participants are encouraged to nominate candidates/teams to the Competitive Sports Office.

  • Evaluations & Advisory Board


    Throughout the year, Competitive Sports Staff members will ask participants to fill out questionnaires about the quality of the sports offered and the services provided. Please take the time to fill out the evaluations so that we can better serve your needs.

    Intramural Sports Advisory Board

    The Intramural Sports Advisory Board is comprised of OSU students. The board of students is made up of fraternity members, sorority members, resident hall members, independent team members, intramural officials, intramural supervisors, and intramural graduate assistants. The board serves in an advisory capacity for the Intramural Sports Program. The board assists the Assistant Director in making fair and productive decisions that benefit the OSU Community. All OSU students interested in becoming a board member or sitting in on a meeting should visit the Competitive Sports Office or call 405-744-7407 for more information.

    All OSU students interested in becoming a board member or sitting in on a meeting should visit the Intramural Sports Office or call 405.744.7407 for more information.

    Questions or Concerns

    The Assistant Director is ultimately responsible for running all aspects of the Intramural Sports Program and reserves the right to change any policy to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.  If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, please contact the Assistant Director by visiting the Competitive Sports Office, Room 104 Colvin Competitive Center, by calling 744-7407 or by email via the Intramural Sports web site.

    or email


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