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Oklahoma State University
Department of Wellness

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Best Bites Restaurant Guide

Restaurants focus on convenience, cost and taste, and while some restaurants have made changes to conform to a more health-conscious public, the options are still limited. Choose foods from the menu that are lower in fat, including those that are neither breaded or fried. Ask that special sauces and fat-laden toppings be served on the side so you control how much to use. Remember that the portion size of an entrée, even if lower in fat, can compromise your good intentions. Most restaurants offer generous amounts of food which diners can’t resist. You might consider sharing a meal with a friend and save money in the process. If you prefer your own meal, take half of it home for lunch or dinner the next day. Learn to frequent restaurants that provide nutrition information or those that are willing to make substitutions for high-fat items. The following list provides lower fat items available on the OSU campus and in Stillwater restaurants. Most items will still be high in sodium. For additional information, call Nutrition Services at the Seretean Wellness Center at (405) 744.6927.

Dining Options on Campus