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Child swim lessons will allow for kids to participate in on a one on one with a swim instructor. The participant will be able to set goals on their swim skills and the instructor will help them to reach that goal. Some of the items that could be taught in these lessons would be floating and swimming on the back or front. Learning to breathe with gaining more distance. Learning to tread water in the deep end and much more. The private lessons allow for more flexibility and goal oriented swim lesson.


Lessons length: 30 minutes long
Child must be 3 years or older to register for classes.


Swim lessons will be scheduled on the day of registration and when payment is turned in. If there is a waitlist the participant will be put on the waitlist and a 2-week grace period will be given to the instructor for this participant and be scheduled. Once the instructor is found the participant will be contacted via phone call and will also be contacted via email to set up times. If no participant does not answer back in 24 hours the next waiting participant will then take priority. Swim Lesson packages of 5 swim lessons have a 3-week grace period and the 10 lesson package has a grace period of 5 weeks. This means about two lessons need to be completed a week. If there are still lessons left at the end of the grace period, then participants will forfeit those lessons.


Cancellations: Participants must give a 24 hour through the Aquatics Coordinator/Graduate Assistant (405)744-6216 or the Colvin Center Business Office (405)744-5510. If 24-hour notice is not given in advance the swim lesson will be lost and will not be rescheduled.


Late notice: Participants that are going to the late must call and notify either the Aquatics Coordinator/Graduate Assistant (405)744-6216 or the Colvin Center Business Office (405)744-5510. The instructor will only wait 15 minutes before the lesson is canceled and this lesson will not be rescheduled if the participant does not notify the Colvin Center.


No Show: Participants who do not show for their swim lesson will lose that lesson and that lesson will not be rescheduled. For a semi-private lesson if one of the participants cannot attend then the lesson should be rescheduled only if 24-hour notice is given. If 24-hour notice is not given the participant that cannot show will forfeit that swim lesson. Refunds will not be excepted.


Register at the Colvin Center Business office.


For questions, call 405-744-6216 or email



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